0to255 is a color tool that makes it easy to lighten and darken colors. It’s been used by over two million people since it launched in Spring 2010.

To use it, click a color in the color grid or enter a color’s hex code and 0to255 will give you a list of lighter and darker colors from black to white. Then, simply click the color you want to use and the color’s hex code will be copied to your clipboard.

Update: An all-new 0to255 was released in March 2019. New features are being developed, most notably a complete color solution designed for professionals. Read more about the upcoming 0to255 Studio.

Q: Why did you build 0to255?

A: I built 0to255 to make my job easier. I’m a web designer who works with colors often. Usually, I’ll start with a color palette then adjust each of the colors as I’m designing to work with various parts of the design. For example, I may brighten a link in its hover state or darken a button's border to make it contrast with surrounding elements.

Before I made 0to255, when I needed to adjust a color I would try to guess the hex code or I’d open Photoshop and create a new document just to access the color tool. While Photoshop is one of my most-used tools, using it to find monochromatic colors, one of the most common tasks in design, is somewhat unintuitive due to its color picker using HSB rather than HSL. The brightness (B) scale in HSB doesn’t span from black to white whereas the lightness (L) scale in HSL does. This means that with HSB you would need to adjust both the saturation (S) and brightness (B) scales in order to get a complete set of monochromatic colors. HSL provides a single monochromatic scale that serves as a convenient color palette for many design tasks. For this reason, 0to255 uses the lightness (L) scale from HSL. That being said, all popular scales will be supported in the upcoming version.

Because I do most of my work on the web, I wanted a standalone color tool that I could quickly access where I’m doing my work: on the web. I hope you find it as useful as I do. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. Most of all, thanks for using 0to255!