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  • There are 16,777,216 colors in sRGB, the definitive standard color space. With so many options, how do you choose the right color?

    The latest research on color perception tells us that somewhere between 40% to 99% of these colors are indistinguishable to the human eye.*

    Which begs the question: if we can't see the difference between two colors, why should we waste time deciding between them?

    What if you could easily narrow down the endless list of options without sacrificing the meaningful ones?

    Introducing Color Studio

    Color Studio user interface

    Designed from the ground up for maximum efficiency, Color Studio does color differently.

    Most color pickers require you to use sliders to make adjustments, which makes it difficult to be systematic in comparing or revisiting colors.

    With Color Studio, you can see all the relevant options in front of you without having to adjust anything. Let your eyes be the guide. There's never been a faster way to find that perfect color.

    Ultra-efficient yet delightful to use

    1. 1
      Color Grid feature

      Quickly scan for the color you have in mind in the one-of-a-kind color grid.

      Select a color that's close to what you're looking for. Don't worry about finding the exact color just yet.

      Similar colors are clustered together in order to guide your eyes to the right area.

    2. 2
      Color Scales feature

      Fine-tune the selected color using the bread-and-butter color scales.

      The selected color is displayed in the middle and the color you have in mind is now just a few spaces above or below it.

      Use the loupe feature to measure contrast ratios, making it easier than ever to conform to accessibility guidelines.

    3. 3
      Copy formats feature

      Copy the color in the format of your choice to try out in your project.

      Compare different options and Color Studio will indicate which ones you've already copied.

      The format can be auto-detected based on the input color, saving you even more time and ensuring consistency.

    The Jury Is In

    “A near perfect color picker”

    Source name
    Andrew Hyde
    Source title
    Founder, TEDxBoulder

    “50 shades of… well, any colour actually.”

    Source name
    Annabel Illingworth
    Source title
    Photographer, Financial Times

    “Perfect for finding just the right hue”

    Source logo

    “The scale provided by 0to255 feels much more natural in regards to saturation.”

    Source logo
    Sessions College for Professional Design

    “It is designed for speed”

    Source name
    Luke Coburn
    Source title
    Marketing Technology Manager, Intelisys

    “If you need a great colour tool try this, it's the best I've ever found.”

    Source name
    Eddy Mason
    Source title

    “Love this website so much”

    Source name
    Lily Mihalik Bhandari
    Source title
    Managing Editor of Design & Data, POLITICO

    Bring your designs to life
    with vivid color.

    Now fully supporting the Display P3 & OKLCh color spaces.
    It's never been easier or more fun to find the perfect color.

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