Announcing 0to255 Studio

The most intuitive color tool on the planet is nearly here. In the next month or so I'll be releasing 0to255 Studio, a complete color…

Announcing 0to255 Studio

0to255 Studio Preview

The most intuitive color tool on the planet is nearly here. In the next month or so I'll be releasing 0to255 Studio, a complete color solution that's designed to be powerful enough for the most color-savvy professionals yet intuitive enough for everyone to find that perfect color. I've been designing it for several years, and, maybe I'm biased, but I think it's the bee's knees as far as color tools go. I think you'll probably like it too. Here are some things you'll be able to do with it:

  • Create color palettes using a new interface that builds on the intuitive design of 0to255. It'll probably look like the image above. Maybe a little different. Who's to say? I don't write on stones. It'll probably be even better. Maybe worse. That's the risk you take when you make things. But that's not news to you, you maker-of-things you.
  • Save all your colors and palettes. Access them anytime, anywhere with your very own 0to255 account. Export them too. Do whatever you want with them. They're your palettes.
  • Convert colors to and from the most popular color spaces including RGB, HSL, HSV/HSB, CMYK, CIELab, and CIELCh. And thank you for the blessings, but I did not just sneeze.
  • Adjust colors using any scale in the color spaces mentioned above, for example HSB hue, HSL saturation, CMYK cyan, or CIELCh lightness. The new interface uses perceptual difference to figure out which color should go where, so you can be sure that two colors three spaces apart will look exactly as different as any other two colors three spaces apart, regardless of which scale you're lookin' at. Not only that, you'll be able to adjust just how different or similar they are when you need to fine-tune your tones. In design, precision makes all the difference.
  • Customize the format that's copied to your clipboard so you can use it wherever you want without having to futz with it first.

0to255 Studio will be an optional upgrade to the current 0to255. All these features, plus an ad-free experience, will be available soon for $14/year. As a bonus, you'll have access to any new features and improvements as they're developed. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when 0to255 Studio is released.

As always, thanks for using 0to255! Your support is greatly appreciated and enables me to continue building useful tools.

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Shaun Chapman
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Creator of 0to255
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